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Spring Baths in Budapest

Spring is a great time of year to take a break and relax in a nice resort. In Budapest water is a lifestyle. Hungarians go to these urban spas or baths to socialize and have a good time with friends while relaxing and chatting. And for visitors to the city, a trip to the thermal baths of Budapest is a must.


One of the most important and possibly the most attractive of the city’s seaside resorts is Széchenyi. It is located just behind Heroes´ Square, a noble area where Budapest’s upper class once lived. Once inside, it will feel like you’re in a castle, but one from the early twentieth century. It has 3 outdoor swimming pools and 15 indoor, with a dozen saunas and two Turkish baths. And no matter what the weather, the Széchenyi Baths are always full of locals and tourists alike. It seems strange when you notice the many retirees who go there to play chess; they actually play while relaxing in the outdoor pools. They also have massage parlors and offer pedicures and waxing, at an additional cost of course. The entrance fee to the spa is about 15 euros for the full day (4,600 guilders) and 12 (3,800 guilders) for half a day. That’s a cheap way to spend a wonderful day soaking.

The Király baths are also quite famous and quite beautiful. They are located within an old Ottoman-style building. Even just visiting the building makes a trip worthwhile. The building was built by the Turks back in 1565. If the last spa sounded large, this one’s even bigger, with more than 120 thermal pools and some 400 minerals emanating from 14 sources. Its therapeutic calcareous waters from Margarita Island are great for bones and joints. The prices are similar to the ones above.

However, the most famous of Budapest and the most visited of all are the Gellert Baths. It has achieved worldwide fame because its main pool, the largest, has appeared in many magazines and even in a television commercial for Danon yogurt: the mythical spot of the “Danon body.” Even the building is historic, built in 1918, and today it’s located inside the Hotel Gellert, although the baths existed prior to its construction. The best thing about this resort is the view of the Danube and the bridges connecting Buda and Pest, including the famous Chain Bridge. As a result, its location is a privilege. The entrance fee for a full day is 15 euros for adults and 10 euros for children.

If you enjoy these baths, these are our recommendations for you:

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