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Sterling Gallery Budapest

Even though they have a magnificent online shop (since we´re in the Web 2.0 era), Sterling Gallery maintains its doors open next to the river Danube, in enigmatic Budapest. The traveller who enters this city, which was once two cities, in search of the best from the region, has to pay a visit to Sterling Gallery. Here he´ll find silver jewels and small complements made from imagination, talent and the hands of young, local artists who give their best to create exclusive earrings, rings, bracelets or necklaces.

But the managers of the shop don´t want that Sterling Gallery becomes just another high range or exclusive jewellery shop, and they wish to offer thosw who enter its doors an authentic artistic experience. For that, they organize with the same artists who supply them with objects, theme exhibitions focusing especially on jewellery and small complements. Although there´s the possibility to buy online, the sophisticated traveller will come to the shop and will try on these magnificent designs in his apartments in Budapest and so show them off during the trip in the Pearl of the Danube.