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How to Survive the Holidays

The holidays can prove to be the most traumatic time of year. Experts point out that it is the season of the year in which the most couples break up, families fall apart or start feuds.  On top of all the emotional stress, the overindulgence in alcohol and gluttony associated with Christmas and New Years can take their toll in the form of extra kilos, upset stomachs, and brutal hangovers and colds.

how <b>to</b> survive <b>the</b> holidays
Therefore it is not surprising that many people try to avoid the traditional Christmas family gatherings at all costs. Some flee the country and go on vacation to get away from the family chaos, others prefer to take the days off to catch up on work  around the house, and also there are those who hide out at home in an attempt to  wait out the holiday season, and ignore the mood swings between terror and stoic defeat. However, the holidays do not have to end up causing family drama, or take place on a deserted island in the Caribbean. Here are some tips for surviving the holidays with dignity.

1. Gifts are probably the most stressful part of Christmas, and most leave their purchases to the last minute. You have two options, either buying your gifts a month in advance, before the rush unleashes its terror in the shops, or maybe agree to do a “Secret Santa” plan in the family. These ideas can save you money and stress.

2. We know that this time of year is an excuse to eat all the junk food you would not normally allow. But to avoid the post-holiday food coma and severe gastritis, tries to leave the meat for the noon meal and fish for the night, which is easier to easier to digest, and make sure to serve your main dishes with plenty of vegetables and salad. And above all, go easy on the sweets!

3. Make sure to take your favorite movies and books with you to avoid family arguments and the agony of Christmas TV.


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If you follow these strategies, you are sure to pass a relaxing anf enjoyable holiday season.  And of course, there is always plan q: Get out of town! Rent apartments in Istanbul and enjoy a few days of luxury and adventure in one of the hippest cities in the world.

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