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Christmas in Dubrovnik

Christmas always takes us back to childhood, to the beautiful family memories and a time of festive tranquillity that generally makes us forget about our problems, routine and stress.

Almost always, we celebrate Christmas with our loved ones, so why not think about a beautiful place with slightly different customs to the ones we are used to?

christmas dubrovnik

Here is a bit about what Dubrovnik has to offer if we decide to spend the holidays in this Croatian city that has been declared a World Heritage Site.

Like many Croatian cities, Dubrovnik celebrates the arrival of Christmas with markets, that not only sell Christmas gifts but also allow you to see the different customs and traditions of Croatian popular culture.

Dubrovnik carries out its Christmas Fair every year in one of the most important areas of the city, next to Sponza Palace, where the carols accompany it in its entertaining route. The fair is generally inaugurated on December 13th during the local celebration of St Lucia. This Renaissance-style palace is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and it fills up with life and colour during the Christmas holidays.

The Christmas Fair is made up of two parts:

The first part is dedicated exclusively to culinary wonders and local gastronomy. There you can find from the hrostule, which are delicious fried biscuits and very typical of the area, to caramelised almonds and the traditional kontonjata, which is a delicious combination of quince jelly with cheese, that you can accompany with a nice glass of mulled wine.

The second part takes place in Luža Square, where there is beautiful craft works, such as candles, crystals, ceramics, fabrics, laces and all sorts of Christmas decorations as well as a large variety of handmade gifts.

On Christmas Day, the fair is closed, since these holidays are for everyone to be with their family in the intimacy of their own home.

The light show of Sponza Palace is unmissable for all travellers, just like the numerous and varied lighting of the city during this festive period, which turns it into a fairytale, with its shine reflected on the Adriatic Sea.

In its narrow streets you can find many choirs, carol singers and local dancers and musicians.

Of course, one thing that cannot go amiss at Christmas are the nativities. These can be visited in the different churches that are beautiful in themselves, looking even better for this time of year.

Seeing how they decorate the Christmas trees is also an interesting experience in Dubrovnik. The Croatians enjoy doing so and they transform it into a very important activity, as well as the tradition of lighting the candles on the advent crowns in the homes and public places.

Don´t forget to acquire a bouquet of wheat, which symbolises life, prosperity and fertility according to the Croatians.



If you decided that the Adriatic is the best place to spend this Christmas, compare Dubrovnik accommodation prices and you´ll enjoy a fairytale holiday.