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Synchronization with iCal and Kigo

At Only-apartments we reward Property Owners who do not overbook their apartment by placing them in better positions in our search results. Since most overbookings are due to a lack of maintaining a synchronized calendar, in this post we want to talk to you about what we can offer (for now!) To help you better manage your availability: Synchronization with iCal and Kigo.

To synchronize your calendar, you must follow 3 steps:

  • 1. Export your calendar
  • 2. Link your calendar with ours
  • 3. Activate your synchronization

1. How do I export my calendar?


You can directly import your calendar from another booking system (Airbnb , Homeaway, 9flats, HolidayLettings…) or simply import the link to your Google calendar.


  • Your Google calendar must be public
  • You must mark the dates you want to block as “Reserved”
  • The URL you enter must be in ICAL (not XML or HTML) format


You can synchronize your Only-apartments reservation calendar by using the code associated with your Kigo account.


  • You must send a request via Kigo
  • Your properties will be shared with us
  • The status of your property must be marked as “Instant Booking” (We remind you that here at Only-apartments we work exclusively with direct bookings)

2. How do I link my calendar with the calendar on my Only-apartments account?

Once you have your link, find the “Google” icon (located on the top left-hand of your screen) under the “Availability and Prices” tab. To add your link, you must click on “Link.”


Once the link is entered, you must click “Save”.

2. How do I activate the sync?

Once your calendars are linked successfully, you must click “Synchronize now,” thus enabling the synchronization.


Once your sync is active, you’ll find all blocks in the reservations list, marked with the letters “EX-“. Important: For your sync to work properly, it is essential to eliminate all blocks manually and allow your external calendar complete the block for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at property@only-apartments.com.