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Update your calendar and improve your rankings

Customers need to know when they can book your apartment and when it is occupied. At Only-apartments we are well aware of the importance of having an updated calendar (both to increase the number of bookings and to avoid overbooking). Therefore we are constantly increasing the ways to automatically update: you can now update our extranet calendar with Google Calendar (free tool) and Kigo (an apartment management software). We are working to increase the number of channels that allow automatic synchronization. Do not worry: for every new active channel, all owners will be notified by e-mail. But it does not end there! As we consider keeping the calendar updated extremely important, Only-apartments rewards owners who constantly review and update their calendar. With us, the more you update your calendar the more you improve your ranking in your destination. This is another trick to improve the ranking of your apartment online and increase the number of visits and bookings. By simply clicking on “My calendar is updated“, your apartment will be among those recommended in the destination page. Worth it! If you have any questions, please contact Only-apartments through property@only-apartments.com and we’ll help in any way we can. More tips: – The price is right? How to know if you’re competitive Comments are a key decision-making factor