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Tanzolymp: International Dance Festival in Berlin

In the recent Wim Wenders’ film called “Pina” (2011), we discovered the fabulous world of the choreographer Pina Bausch through her disciples and dance accomplices, all of them, members of her dance company. The most captivating of this movie is certainly the unique way in which each of its characters tells his story to Pina, the link that brought them together, how they interacted and what she meant in their lives. Above the story of the film itself, the stories told and dialogues; it is noteworthy that the Wim Wenders’ film was available in 3D cinemas; the ones who tell their story, express it through the body , their movements and possibilities.

tanzolymp berlin

Body language becomes the protagonist of the film’s story, while accessing the metaphorical Pina’s body, now almost immaterial, from the movements and gestures of these dancers. Especially the effect of modern dance, in which the body becomes its own expression machine without wrapping, or dancing shoes, minimalist clothing, no elements or reduced elements, produce that on stage is the body or bodies dialogue without restraint, even at liberty from the rigor of the choreography.

When we watch a modern dance show, if we pay attention, it is mostly about moderate and make a difference. This Wim Wenders’ film is a very interesting production of art from every viewpoint. Just pay attention to the disparate size of members, alignments that have nothing to do with the particular style of each one but how they function as parts of a whole, from their own talents and interaction with the rest of the group. In addition Pina, you can see the slight margin of error between a group choreography: while each member repeats the movement, a slight margin of difference between each movement of the group, a gesture that further emphasizes in their individuality but at the same the time difference becomes common, identical in dance.

Thus, the Tanzolymp, International Dance Festival that will in Berlin from the 24th to the 28th of February, is an ideal place to learn more about the modern dance supported by Pina, and similarly, a celebration of dance for young people around the world, in which various dances, including classical, traditional, regional jazz and pop come together in a celebration of bodies, beauty and their movements. This fabulous festival will accomplish its ninth edition this year, and will feature fabulous presentations, seminars, lectures and more. To learn more about the Tanzolymp, access the following website: http://www.tanzolymp.com/

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