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Tanzolymp Berlin

Dance, around the world, is an important practice and thousands of children start from a young age to learn this type of art. Berlin, as well as all of its attractions like its history-packed museums, monuments with beautiful constructions, parks full of green and a spectacular nightlife, one of the best in Europe, presents every year the International Dance Festival for Children, which they call Tanzolymp.

This festival is one of the most important ones around the world and children from all over the globe come to compete and place themselves in the top places.

2012 is the festival´s ninth edition and approximately 800 children will arrive to the German capital to do their presentations. Children from all continents and countries will land in Germany to show their techniques on the 28th of February.

All of those who want to enjoy Tanzolymp just have to rent apartments in Berlin and, as well as being able to see a day of pure dance, also get to know a beautiful European city full of attractions for all ages.