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Tapani Piirto in Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the most beautiful cities in Finland and, also, in Europe. There you can enjoy different attractions for the whole family, so you can enjoy the city with your friends and also a romantic time with your partner eating something delicious in a candle-lit dinner. The museums, monuments, bars and parks, among the other places to see, will allow you to have a spectacular holiday.

The city is also one of Europe´s most important art centres, and there are various interesting art galleries in it. One of the many galleries that there is the Piirto Art Gallery, where you can enjoy the different exhibitions that its curators present, as well as the permanent collection that the gallery has which is always on show so that the visitors can visit it when they wish.

The Piirto Art Gallery presents contemporar artists with a unique style, where you can enjoy the most famous painters of today.

Without doubt, visiting this city is a must and for that you just have to rent apartments in Helsinki to be able to see a wonderful city full of attractions to see and, also, the works of art at Piirto Art Gallery.