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The Best Romantic Plans in the Costa Brava

Anyone who’s visited the Costa Brava knows that the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and other faraway tropical islands have nothing on the beaches of Spain. We have our very own slice of paradise right here. Pals, Begur, Palamós, Calella… all have a unique allure that comes with fascinating natural landscapes, longstanding tradition and cool weather. And that’s why the best escapade for a few days off with your love interest is nowhere else than under the Catalan sun. Today we’re at our most romantic to bring you the perfect plan so you can whisk your loved one off on holiday.

A Dip in Aigua Xelida

aigua xelida


This small cove by Aigua Blava is a very special place, known for its crystalline waters. Not surprisingly, it is one of the best guarded secrets of the locals. Your love and you can delight in some wet cuddles right here, set against this idyllic backdrop.

The beach is really small and you’ll need to get there early. It’s also important to help the place preserve its magic, so make sure you have as little impact on the landscape as possible when visiting.

Ice Cream in Calella

calella de palafrugell


All the towns in this area are very much worth a visit, but Calella de Palafrugell has that characteristic marine flavor that you’ll just fall in love with. Sitting on the rocks sharing some delicious ice cream while watching the life of this fishermen’s town go by is the romantic scene you were craving for during your holidays with your loved one. Ice cream parlor L’Enxeneta offers over 20 flavors to choose from.

Shopping in Begur



Clothes, handicrafts, furniture… Begur has become the shopping mecca of the Costa Brava. This little town, known for its uneven terrain, knows how to bring you the best shops, for that special gift you were searching for, without losing any of its rustic touch and charm in so doing.

Cultural Walk through Pals



Hand-in-hand walks are a staple of any romantic trip, and what better place to do it than in an area as culturally and historically rich as the old town of Pals. Its walls and medieval buildings will take you back to the time of knights in shining armor and princesses, as if you’d just stepped into the pages of a fairytale.

Sunset at the San Sebastián Lighthouse

faro san sebastián


If romance still courses strong through your veins, head down to the San Sebastián lighthouse, between Tamariu and Llafranc, for one of the best sunsets in the entire Costa Brava. The perfect setting to declare your love for each other.

Dinner at Mas Sorrer



Imagine a little path winding through a field of sunflowers over 2 meters tall. Imagine that at the end of the path there is a restaurant that plays jazz music, has baskets of free lollipops, a pool table, a photo booth, surrealistic décor, and a beamer constantly projecting images. This place exists and it is called Mas Sorrer. Located on the road to Gualta, in a bit of a hidden enclave surrounded by nature, this jazz bar will not leave you indifferent. Pure magic!

A Drink Up in the Air

aerodromo de pals

And to finish off the day, we suggest you head down for a drink to the Pals Aerodrome, a lively and original setting for your summer nights. It is in fact a real aerodrome, currently in use, that boasts chairs, tables, a cocktail bar and even a dance floor with DJs that will help you get your night off the ground.