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Easter Holidays on the Spanish Islands

Despite the cold weather, the Easter holidays are just around the corner, which is of course the perfect excuse for a short getaway with family or friends or that romantic trip for Valentine’s Day that didn’t work out. Clearly the body is begging for sunshine and time at the beach after so many cold months, so it is not surprising that travel deals and vacation packages abound to destinations which aim to give you your first tan of the year. The islands are the perfect choice for this type of holiday, whether you go with children or without them.


Visiting an island is always an adventure and the offers in Spain are abundant and varied. Between the Balearic and Canary Islands, there are so many different ways you can plan the Easter holidays that it is impossible not to be satisfied. Here are some recommendations:




With Mount Teide as a tourist attraction, the capital of the Canary Islands, which is also known as the “Island of Eternal Spring” for its ever pleasant climate, is a favorite for those seeking a destination with the perfect combination of relaxation and entertainment. While the landscape itself is a sight worth seeing due to the incredible mix of colors and shapes that were created by volcanic eruptions, Tenerife is also famous for its leisure activities for all tastes. From art exhibitions and concerts to plays and, of course, its distinctive festivals, this island will not fail to surprise you. How about a family getaway to Tenerife? You could stay here:




Another island known for its great weather. A trip to Gran Canaria around Easter is a guaranteed success. With an average temperature of 18-25 °C, this island in the Atlantic offers activities for all ages. An oceanfront breakfast, a dip at the beach, windsurfing or kitesurfing lessons, trying the best dishes offering a blend of different cultures, strolling in the nature reserve of the biosphere, and finally, enjoying a fancy dinner along the promenade. This is how you could spend this Easter while staying in an apartment just for you and yours in Gran Canaria. Do you get the picture?




With such magnificent offerings, it’s hard to choose just one island to visit. Maybe you’d prefer to get to know them all from a different and very exciting point of view: from the sea. Staying in a beautiful, 14-meter-long sailboat over the Easter holidays might be the adventure you’re looking for. With all the comforts of home, but with the unique privilege of a front row seats for every sunset.




Ibiza’s is partying and peacefulness. It is tradition and modernity. It is day and night. The magic of this island lies in its contrasts. On Ibiza, luxury and glamor compete with time-honored culture to capture the attention of all visitors. Ibiza absorbs you, giving you whatever you need, whenever you need it. Easter in Ibiza is an experience: specifically in the town of Santa Eulalia, where parades feature people dressed as Nazarenes and the various processions have unmistakable island flavor. Don’t miss it! Why not stay in one of these luxury apartments?




The island of little details. Menorca is made for love and for falling in love. We challenge you to spend your holidays on Menorca and avoid feeling the need to return again and again. It’s impossible. Whoever gets to know Menorca ends up hopelessly and inescapably in love with the island. The lively atmosphere of the Citadel, the rugged landscape of the Mola area, or the historical legacy that permeates the Port of Mahon are just a few reasons the island is so very captivating. If you choose to go here this Easter, chances are you’ll end up changing your summer plans in order to enjoy it a bit more. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.




By now you will have seen a number of deals for traveling to Mallorca this Easter. The reasons are clear: most Europeans agree it’s a great place to enjoy both sun and beach. And of course, it’s an ideal holiday destination for children. White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and endless cultural and leisure activities make it the perfect place for families to visit. Have you seen our apartments?