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The New York Marathon

The day many traveling runners have been looking forward to is fast approaching. One of the six World Marathon Majors is around the corner, and if you if you’d forgotten about it you can start packing up… New York is waiting for you!

If these long races are part of your lifestyle, you probably already know what we are talking about; though anyone can enjoy this event without being a professional runner. On November 1st, New York will be teeming with life, even more so than ordinarily, due to the presence of fifty thousand runners and their respective companions, as well as spectators, and the international press. The New York Marathon is on its way.

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Crossing the finish line after traversing half the city is beyond admirable, and that is why we want to give you all the details of the marathon’s course, so you can make the most of the occasion and not miss any of New York’s little corners. Keep in mind that we have fabulous apartments in New York for that weekend!


Ready, Steady, Go!

And the race begins on Staten Island to the sound of Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York. The crowd then crosses the Verrazano Bridge; the site where the typical aerial shot of New York’s Marathon is usually taken (you’ve surely seen it in the press thousands of times!), to then delve into the depths of Brooklyn. Third Avenue awaits there, overlooking the romantic Sunset Park, and then Fourth Avenue leads runners towards the heart of the district. This is a key spot if you are there as a spectator and want to also partake in some tourist activities, as in Brooklyn you’ll be able to visit some of the best markets, exhibits and, with a bit of luck, even some of the coolest concerts in New York.


Following on, parallel to the banks of East River towards the end of Greenpoint, we reach Queens, the third neighborhood the marathon crosses through. However, our passing through the residential area of Long Island City is over in the blink of an eye, as the amazing Queensboro Bridge leads us into Manhattan, crossing over the river and Roosevelt Island.


And it’s now time for the most highly anticipated part of the marathon: its passage through First Avenue towards the metropolitan district of the Bronx and then back through Fifth Avenue. Don’t just watch the race but explore some neighborhoods like the Upper East Side, where most diplomatic buildings are located, or Harlem, the birthplace of great artists and personalities. To end with, the race crosses through Central Park, a green lush paradise in the heart of the city that never sleeps; the ideal setting for a picnic with true American hotdogs while thousands of runners achieve one of their dream goals.


Other Prominent Marathons

If you feel like forming part of this sporting event, you may want to find out more about other marathons in which to take part throughout the year. There are five other major World Marathons worth getting to know (Tokyo, London, Berlin, Chicago and Boston), as well as other races such as those held in Paris and Barcelona, which are also very much worth it. Each of them has its own special something that makes it unique, even though the mileage remains constant. For instance, a vast percentage of the London Marathon’s proceedings go to charity, and the Tokyo Marathon features runners dressed as anime characters. Here are some interesting links so you can learn more about them: