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The Night of San Juan

When I was younger, on the night of San Juan in France, I found it very boring. For me, it was nothing more than a crazy group of adults dressed up, dancing around a giant bonfire and drunkenly ambling in the street. Later on, when I discovered the night of June 23 Catalan style in Barcelona it was totally different, a magical and unforgettable time for both children and adults.


A Night for Witches and Wishes

This party is a gold-mine for photographers, as they can see how the beach morphs overnight. As the hours pass, the sand fills with people, who arrive with their dinners and kids. The beach begins to fill with young people who gather in bars or set up their own makeshift bars, complete with music, bonfires, alcohol and BBQ. Children come with their pockets full of firecrackers and light them until dawn.

People jump into the sea, dance in the sand and throw fireworks … And the next morning when city officials come to clean the scene of the crime, they not only find kilos of garbage, but also lovers baking in the sun …

Souvenirs, souvenirs …

Lovers or friends who participate in the festivities should comply with the Spanish traditions for good luck: As the flames burn higher, you should jump though the fire while making a wish, or write three wishes down on a paper which is then cast into the burning flames. Typically a cake called “coca” is eaten, it’s similar to a brioche, and filled with cream, candied fruit and pieces of butter.

This cake is round like the sun because San Juan celebrates the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year, although in reality the solstice is the 21st and San Juan is celebrated the 23rd…The drink of the night is not French champagne, rather, world –famous Catalan Cava. Even if you are not a big fan of beaches, you will find a multitude of parties, concerts and special events…

Don’t miss this fun summer event, come to Catalonia and rent cheap apartments in Barcelona.