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6 Things You Don’t Want to Have Happen on Vacation

Missing out on the best

There’s always that friend who’ll say: “You didn’t go to that restaurant near the Fontana di Trevi? Well you missed out on the best in Rome.” To avoid this, it is best to ask your friends in advance where they would recommend that you go. You can also check travel blogs (like this one!) or seek advice from friends or acquaintances living where you are going.


Standing in long lines

When you visit a city, you should do the research in advance, so that you know which events you want to attend and which museums you want to visit. Lots of places offer ticket sales, and sometimes even discounts for advance purchases. Take note of the opening times to get there first and avoid the long lines that can form at peak times.

Blisters on your first day

Before you pack think about how you will be spending the holidays. Are you going to be relaxing at the pool or will you be going on excursions or visiting cities on foot? In case of the latter, make sure you bring your most comfortable shoes. And don’t buy new shoes a week before your trip. To ensure that you are well equipped for walking, take along your everyday shoes.

Being robbed

“Think wrong and be right.” This is what you need to remember while traveling, especially in crowded places. We don’t want to be alarmists, but to make the most of your trip and avoid being robbed, you must always be very conscious of your handbags and luggage. Hide more valuable objects and money in an inconspicuous area of your handbags.

And if your wallet still gets stolen, you should ensure that the entire travel budget isn’t taken: always separate the cash among members of the group and leave some of it behind in your apartment.

Forgetting to exchange your money

If you normally plan in advance you can save time when making travel arrangements. When it comes to exchanging money, you can save both time and money. Remember to exchange your money for the currency in the country you’ll be visiting in the bank you trust. Give yourself plenty of time, since it can sometimes take more than one day to arrange this. Doing so you can avoid the lines at the exchange booths in the airports and the high rates they charge.

Getting sick

Some things are unavoidable, but at least we can be prepared to fight them. Always carry a first aid kit and the medicines you normally take when you´re not feeling well. It might also be useful to make a list of nearby hospitals where you’ll be vacationing as well as the emergency numbers you might need.


If you follow this advice, your vacation in your apartment in Rome should be a good one. You deserve it!