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City Break Survival Guide

City breaks can be a wonderful indulgence, whether it’s discovering a new part of your home country or exploring cities further afield across the world.  The illustrious city break is now a staple feature of many people’s holiday plans, as the allure of endless romantic possibilities and the excitement of last minute getaways are unsurpassed.


However, city breaks differ from other holidays and need an altogether different style of preparation.  With most holidays to urban destinations lasting only a few nights, usually a long weekend, travellers need to make sure they make the most of every second.  Here at Only-apartments we specialise in accommodation in the heart of the city, offering premier locations to see all the top attractions and sights with ease.  We are the masters of the city break, which is why we’ve put together our top tips for anyone embarking on a short trip to Rome, Hong Kong, Paris, New York and any urban metropolis in between; read on for the ultimate city break survival guide.

Change your currency in advance

Because city breaks are usually short, people tend to think of them differently than a one or two week holiday.  When it comes to organising your currency, for a longer holiday you would probably have the money changed a week in advance.  However, when it comes to short city breaks most people leave it until last minute, either forgetting altogether or thinking it is not as important as you won’t be spending that much.  This is a school boy error! It doesn’t matter how much currency you are changing, you will always find a better rate in advance – either online or on the high street.  Wait until you’re at the airport, and you will get stung with high commission and probably have to deal with long queues too.

Take a tour

Cities attract tourists because of the history, the culture, the architecture, the natural beauty and the famous attractions.  When arriving in many cities you may find yourself asking – how am I going to fit it all in?  When you have just two or three days to cram in all the sights, an enjoyable holiday soon turns into a stressful challenge.  Make sure you see as much as possible by joining a tour – whether it’s a walking tour, an open bus tour, a fully guided tour or a cycling tour.  All tours will be led by tour guides who know the ins and outs of the city and the local culture and history, so they will be able to give you more of an insight than if you visited the sights and monuments alone.  Secondly, they know their way around! You will save time on getting lost, and in one day you’ll probably squeeze in more significant sights than the whole of your break if you were doing it alone.

Centre yourself

Most cities are big, especially capital cities, which means getting around from one landmark to another is going to take time.  It is worth doing the research when booking a hotel or apartment, to make sure it is in a convenient location for everywhere you want to visit.  Yes it may be the cheapest deal – but is that because it is miles out of the city centre, or nowhere near a form of public transport?  Paying for cabs or having to travel long distances every day can potentially ruin the trip, by blowing your budget and eating into holiday time. Make sure you find the best apartment for you and your needs.