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Tips for Getting More Comments

Travelers who had a pleasant stay and felt supported will undoubtedly go out and tell others in their environment, but we may never hear about it. Here are some useful tips to turn your guests into the best publicity for your property.

  • Make sure your property is functional: the comments it receives will only be as good as the quality of your apartment. Make sure that all appliances work properly. Check to make sure everything is in order and ready to receive your guests before they check-in.


  • Welcome Pack: a small detail to welcome your guests will have them feeling special, and they will be grateful for such a friendly welcome after their journey. You can leave a map of the city, a cake for their breakfast, or any other genuine gesture that you think they would appreciate. (see our Welcome Pack post)


  • Reminder: send your guests a reminder. It’s always advisable to get in touch with the travelers prior to their arrival to let them know they are very welcome, which will make them eager. And also right after check-out, to show them you were pleased with their visit, and they can return whenever they wish. We recommend you use both of these occasions to add a note reminding them how important it is for you that other guests read their review. Don’t forget to mention they will have to fill it in via the form sent to them by Only-apartments! See some examples of a “thank you email”.


  • Tend to the check-out process: As owner, we advise you to be present during check-out to make sure your guests had a pleasant stay. Be friendly and grateful. The last impression is crucial! That is also the time to remind them of the importance of comments.

And keep in mind: there is no better publicity than a happy traveler!