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Tower of the Plaza de Benifayó

The Tower of the Plaza de Benifayó is a war construction in the city of Valencia. Together with other towers they constitute the defensive cordon of the city that was active between the 11th and 13th century.


Being big, it measures 11 metres on each side and a total of 23 metres in height with four floors, this tower had different uses like a warehouse, a refuge for the fighers and it was also a prison. Another interesting thing about the construction of this tower is that its walls are 1,30m thick because, being a fortress, they had to be safe and protecting.


Today it´s just a national monument that has to be visited by the tourists that come to Spain and to the region of Valencia because it´s considered as one of the tallest and most symbolic buildings in the Spanish city.


The Tower currently finds itself united with the palace of the Barons of Benifayó and, together, they represent what used to be the baronial fortress.


Visiting this tower takes us back to the past and it´s a tourist site of great cultural interest in the city. Rent apartments in Valencia and discover it.