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Munttoren is another of the many famous towers in the city of Amsterdam. It´s located in the Muntplein Square, in front of where the famous Amstel River and the Singel Canal join. It´s in the centre of the city and so it´s visited by all the tourists who are in the city.


This tower used to be part of one of the city´s gates, when it was fortified in medieval times. In 1618 this gate and the two towers that protected it suffered an attack and in a fire they lost a whole tower and nearly the whole beautiful gate, which was built at the end of the 15th century.


Subsequently, the tower that stood was reconstructed, remodeled and restored so that it could still stand and form part of the history of the city and one of its beautiful monuments.


The name of the tower in Dutch means “house of the coin”, mint, and it gets its name from the 17th century when it used to keep golden coins.


Visiting this tower and getting to know its history is wonderful. Don´t miss it if you rented apartments in Amsterdam and you´re on holiday in the city.