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Traveling with your pets to Barcelona – the Spanish Law.

Many people look at their pets as part of the family and tend to be very reticent to leave them behind when it comes the time to go on vacation. With so many horror stories about kennels and other means of boarding their pet while they are gone, some families today are electing to take their pet with them when the holidays come.

Travelling <b>with</b> <b>pets</b> Barcelona
There are some very special rules that deal with pets on holiday. Adhering to these international laws is very important for a smooth trip to your destination. Taking your pet to areas such as Barcelona, for example, requires that you know the local laws. All of these laws have been created to keep you and your pet safe.

You must take into account that your pet must fly in an approved pet carrier. Some airlines will not accept certain breeds of dogs and cats, so they do require that you certify the breed of your animal.

Before your pet can be accepted for the flight, it is required to be a given age. Most airlines will not accept a pet, which is less than ten weeks. In some cases, countries in question will not permit you to bring an animal under a certain age to the country. This may be because they have not achieved an age where all of their requisite shots have taken place.

Your pet must be adequately vaccinated and have all of the recommended vaccinations in place before it may enter the country. A certificate of vaccination from a licensed veterinarian is required to allow your pet to enter Spain.

In addition, every domestic pet, which is housed in Spain, must be microchipped. There was a tattoo law in effect, but that law was only in use until last fall, when tattoos could no longer be exclusively used and a microchip must also be inserted into any domestic pet in Spain. Making sure that you have your pet microchipped prior your travel is imperative in order to remain in compliance with the law.

In February of 2000 the Pet Travel Scheme was enacted in Spain. It allows that dogs and cats which are residents of the UK may visit Spain and return to the UIK without any quarantine and meeting certain requirements, which include:

-ISO microchip
-Blood Tests 30 days before the trip
-Wait six months before a trip after your pets last blood testing

If you can meet all of these requirements to the letter, then the PETS Scheme will be a workable solution for your pet travel.

Having arrived with your pet in Barcelona, you´ll want to be certain that you have your pet looked at by a local veterinarian to ensure that it has not taken any infections from the overseas flight. In addition, it may be a requirement that you present all documentation for your pet upon entry into the country, depending, of course, to which country you will be traveling from. In Barcelona, your pet will be examined and your documentation will be reviewed so be certain that it is all in order.

Once you arrive at your destination, it may be best that you have rented an apartment in Barcelona in order to ensure that your pet is comfortable and at ease with the surroundings. Using apartamentos en Barcelona for your holiday or vacation makes it easier on your pet to deal with the cooling down, or relaxation phase immediately following the air travel.