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Berlin with Pets

One of the most common handicaps when traveling is a pet, since they are usually not allowed in hotels, nor in cafes, shops, theaters, museums, or even aboard some planes. Sightseeing with a dog or a cat is easy if you have accommodations, if not it’s better to leave them with a family member or board them.


Pixabay, by Alexis

Are you thinking, “Not without my pet!”? No problem! In Berlin there are alternatives, from airlines that allow pets to stores that don’t make you make you tie your dog up outside in the freezing cold. The dog is in fact a customer in most shops in the German city of Berlin.

Air Berlin provides one of the clearest examples of animal tolerance. Some airlines simply don’t accept dogs and cats, in others they may travel in the hold, and some like this one allow dogs under 6 kilos to travel with their owners in the cabin. And bigger dogs don’t travel in the hold but in compartments especially for them. Of course, there are exceptions. Animals are not allowed flights departing to and from the UK. And you will need to have all their documents with their shot records, since you may need to show them at your destination. Interestingly, there’s an airline called Pet Airways that takes this idea much further. This U.S. airline, which was designed exclusively for the transportation of pets, was the first to move forward. The big difference is that with them the animals travel alone, without their owners. It is mostly used for relocating puppies to their new homes. During the flight they eat and drink water when they want to and have breaks to go to the “bathroom.” And if the recipient or owner is late picking them up, they can stay in the Pet Lounge that the company makes available to its customers.

Let’s return to Berlin. As I said before, not all hotels welcome pets as guests. In fact, they usually do not. If you are traveling with pets, it’s much better to rent an apartment with a home-like atmosphere. Of course, you probably already know this. Having a pet in the German capital is easy. You can take your dog on the subway, on the bus or on the tram. The only thing is that you will have to compare a ticket for them at the reduced rate. They also have to be muzzled unless they’re very small dogs. Traveling without a ticket for your pet will most likely result in a fine for the owners.

In other public spaces in Berlin (bars, restaurants, bakeries, butcher shops, supermarkets, banks, etc.) pets are welcome. That´s true for most all shops in Berlin, unless the door has a sign stating that entry is prohibited. But it can happen, you’ll want to be able to tie them up and muzzle them if necessary and they’ll be treated like an extra customer. In a number of places they’ll even set out a bowl of water, so while their owners eat (or shop) their pets won’t go thirsty.

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