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Bikebase Budapest

Budapest is a city full of history with some of the most beautiful museums, full of works of art, and monuments, that are spectacular to see and understand the important history and anecdotes of the city. But, at the same time, it also has some of the most beautiful and large parks in Europe and, for that reason, seeing the city on two wheels is a great way to do so.


Many tourists who arrive in the Hungarian city decide to rent bicycles and see the place like that so that, not only do they do exercises and keep fit but, also, look after the environment. One of the best places to go to for that is Bikebase Budapest, that has bicycle rental and guided tours around the city´s most important places, second hand vehicle sales and vehicle repair, in case you´re one of those people who travel everywhere with their bicycle.


If you want to get to know the most beautiful city not only in Hungary but of the whole of Europe, you just have to rent apartments in Budapest Don´t waste any more time and rent a bicycle at Bikebase with your friends, family or partner so you can see all the hidden corners of the city.