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The most impresive park of Rome – Villa Borghese

Rome is a beautiful and charming city with endless things to see. In fact, many people consider it a veritable outdoor museum. So much beauty will leave many people with open mouths… In the Eternal City all your wishes will come true if you simply toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain. But from all its landmarks, there is one that you should not miss: the beautiful Villa Borghese.

Villa Borghese

The Villa Borghese is the Rome´s lung. This is a huge park located in the heart of the city, endowed with vast gardens, fountains, lakes, elegant green areas and some small building. Do you want to enjoy a great day enjoying a mix of nature and art? The Villa Borghese Park is the most indicated place.

Among the most popular areas of the park, which has up to 9 innings, there are the Trinità dei Monti staircase, the Porta Pinciana, the monumental entrance to Piazzale Flaminio and the Piazza del Popolo in Pincio, where the “Giardino del Pincio” is located and where there are incredible views of the city.

One of the most significant buildings in the park is the Borghese Gallety in Villa Giulia, built between 1551 y1555, as a summer residence of Pope Julius the Third, and which today houses the National Etruscan Museum. The Viale delle Belle Arti building was built for the famous International Rome Art Exhibitionin in1911, because of the first anniversary of the Italian Reunification. The National Art Gallery goes back to the same period. Here you can find a myriad of furniture and architectural motifs such as the Diana Temple, the Water Clock or the Lions Gate, among others. If you like fountains and the noise of water when emanating, do not miss the Venus Fountain, the Turtle Fountain, the Gaia Fountain, or the Amphora Fountain…

If you travel to Rome with young children, what better than a visit to the zoo? The Rome’s Zoo is located inside this park! This is called the Bioparco. Here is also located the Zoology Museum. What once housed the “Casina delle Rose”, now is the seat of the House of Cinema. This is the perfect cinema for children.

The Villa Borghese was a refuge for poets, musicians and for all kinds of artists. Today it is a haven of peace, where art and nature live in a perfect harmony. In addition, it enjoys a great historical value in the whole world. You can’t miss it!