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Vrtbovska Gardens Prague

The Vrtbovska Gardens in Prague, located in Malá Straná, are an essential and unmissable visit for any self-respecting traveller. Located in a historic palace complex and the wonderfully looked after green areas, following the structured French design, it holds all sorts of events. An ideal place to celebrate a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary, the Vrtbovska Gardens, also, have a wide calendar of activities thought for all tastes and ages. You can´t miss, in spring, their singular stagings, like if it was a travelling theatre that we were talking about, or the Christmas concerts that take place inside the palace. Our advice is simple, because that´s all we´re allowed with the size of the space:

Together with your flights, the apartments in Prague and the tickets for the museums, you have to book a morning to visit this impressive natural place. If, also, you´re travelling with children looking for family tourism activities, the young ones won´t want to leave these beautiful gardens. Although they´re more enjoyable when it´s sunny, the palace rooms can be a shelter when the weather isn´t great (rain, snow or cold) in this city of old Bohemia. Write down the name: Vrtbovska Gardens.