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Wire live in Milan

Wire is one of those bands that started playing when there weren’t too many bands hanging around the scene yet and since 1976, when the group was born, and they continued, on and on, and never separated. They did have a few hiatus that lasted a short time (except the one that went from ´85 to ´92).

wire milan

The group began in London with Colin Newman on vocals and guitar, Graham Lewis on bass and vocals, Bruce Gilbert on guitar and Robert Gotoba on drums. In the beginning they were strongly related to punk. In fact, on many occasions Wire was claimed to be one of the most important rock bands of the decades of the 70s and 80s.

In fact, a contemporary critic called Stewart Mason said that Wire’s first three albums expanded sound barriers not only regarding punk but all music in general. Over time, the musical style was veering toward the art punk or post punk primarily by atmospheric sound that is, dark lyrics and policies.

Thanks to the arrangements that they were making to the songs through their disks Wire earned a reputation as a group that experimented a lot throughout their career. Their debut album, called Pink Flag, was the most famous of their many songs and which contained songs lasting less than a minute. For example “Field Day For The Sundays”, which lasts only 28 seconds.

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Live Club: Via Mazzini 58, 20056 Trezzo sull´Adda, Milán, Italia

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