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We are scientists concert in Helsinki

One of the best bands representing the post-punk revival in the world today is, without a doubt, We Are Scientists. This group, born in 2000 in New York, began with Keith Murray on drums, Chris Cain on bass and Scott Lamb on vocals and guitar. Then Michael Tapper came to play the drums and Keith started playing guitar and doing the vocals, the formation which is maintained until today.

we are scientists helsinki
The group, which is influenced by The Rapture, Franz Ferdinand and David Bowie, jumped onto the scene with the release of their second album called With Love and Squalor, which sold no less than 100 000 copies in the first 6 months.

Their second breakthrough was the album Brain Thrust Mastery, which reached number 11 of the UK chart.  Outstanding; if anyone knows rock, it is the sainted motherland of such greats as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  Promotional hype has nothing to do with their commercial success. Two songs that were part of this release, “After Hours” and “Chick Lit”, were also in the top 40.

Their third album, Barbara, was released on June 14th this year, moreover, and was accompanied by a short film that bore the name of Steve Wants His Money. Currently the group is promoting their latest release by touring the world and will come to Finland to do a show on December 2nd at Tavastia.

If you want to attend the We Are Scientists show, rent apartments in Helsinki and enjoy one of the most important bands representing the post-punk revival today.

More information: http://www.tavastia.fi/

Tavastia: Urho kekka katu 4-6