10 things to see in Beijing (Part II)

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If you have the chance to see the streets of Beijing, it´s not a bad idea to have a few tips on things you can do there. We habe already seen five interesting tips and now is the time for five more, to make our stay in Beijing a unique adventure. Here we go!

 10 <b>things</b> <b>beijing</b> II

6. Emperor Rooftop Bar

The Emperor Rooftop bar in Beijing is an amazing place situated in a privileged location, right in front of the gate of the Forbidden City. There we can have a drink whilst enjoying the best views of the city. The cocktails here are original and sophisticated, and the feeling that you get from up there will not be one you will forget anytime soon.

7. Jingshan Park

Spending part of the morning in this park in Beijing is a great idea. Jingshan Park, which means coal hill park, is a lively park with plenty going on. It´s located right behind the Forbidden City and there we can feel like another element of nature, in between many trees and flowers. Like its name indicates, it´s a hill (one of the few we can find in Beijing), so we can make the most of it and enjoy the great views that it offers of the palace.

8. Nanluoguxiang

One of the most typical attractions for tourists is shopping, so if we want to go shopping in a nice area full of shops, we need to drop by the hutong (narrow street typical of Beijing) Nanluoguxiang, in the Gulou district. There we can find many shops, cafes, shopping galleries, etc. Everything that you need you´ll find here.

9. Dali Courtyard Restaurant

We already told you in the previous article about a great place to dry authentic Peking duck. However, if you´re looking for an alternative adventure, you can go to the fantastic Dali Courtyard Restaurant. The decoration is authentic and there you can sample the best food from the region of Yunnan, which also mixes with delights from other countries from Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam. It´s not one of the most accessible places in Beijing but definitely one of the most important ones to eat like a true emperor and enjoy a great meal.

10. Legation Quarter

We can finish our visit by admiring an amazing nighttime view. South of Tiananmen Square there´s a place that holds two buildings that used to be the American Embassy. The place is famous amongst other things for appearing in ´55 days in Peking´. This area of important buildings is great to go for dinner or for a drink.


Well, there you have a few ideas of things that you can investigate by yourself. Now you have to choice of places to design your perfect tour and enjoy a city that offers a world of sensations.

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