Affiliates: Free Publicity for Your Ad

Nowadays, online impact and visibility are two essential factors for your ad to be more successful and receive more bookings. That is why we have created an open and comprehensive affiliates’ policy, selecting collaborators from all over the world. We call these collaborators “Affiliates”: they promote the apartments available on Only-apartments on their own website, generating more bookings. As owner, how do you benefit from the Affiliation Program? It maximizes the number of bookings for your properties by increasing the visibility of your ads and the number of visits to them. It is a free service. You would otherwise have to pay to publish an ad on some of our affiliates’ websites. It simplifies the process of data synchronization. Just by having your ad published on Only-apartments, all our affiliates will automatically reflect any changes you apply to it. It improves the reach of your ad. You’ll reach more clients in more places, thus increasing the chances of receiving bookings for longer stays. Only-apartments’ Customer Service. We solve any incidences that may arise, via email or phone. A team that specializes in affiliation that is devoted to ensuring information consistency, as well as increasing the number of affiliates and managing any needs in that regard. Technical integration so all your properties are properly displayed on our affiliates’ websites. Owner Support Service. Our team of Account Managers will always be available to clear any doubts you may have. Who can become an Only-apartments Affiliate? We work exclusively with affiliates with a well-established online reputation, with the guarantee that they send quality bookings. Our main collaborators are: Websites or companies in the...

How to Improve Your Visibility and Increase Bookings

Without a doubt, the most significant factor when it comes to receiving bookings is your ad’s visibility within the website. We polled our clients, which include 5 different nationalities (Spain, France, Italy, the UK and Germany), and the results indicate that the most popular search filters are, in order of importance: location, price, recommendations, and popularity. We are going to analyze each of these points below, pointing out all the aspects that can’t be ignored for your ad to come as close as possible to what our clients are looking for. See the full infographic Location: Show the right location and area, specify the distance to the center of the city and the nearest public transport options. Add all information relative to the location of your property. Your next guests will need this information! If your property is far away from the city center, try to include descriptions that highlight the positive aspects of that particular area, as well as thorough explanations detailing how to reach the city center. Lower price: In a continuously expanding market, it’s vital to offer competitive pricing. We recommend you carry out frequent searches on our website to watch and adapt to the prices and deals others are offering. For your ad to stand out, apply offers and discounts. Discounts get highlighted on the website, and any apartments with active offers will have greater visibility and seem more attractive to clients. It is also advisable to differentiate your prices by applying high or low seasons, as best suited to your city’s market. Recommendations and popularity: For your ad to be among the most popular...

7 Basic Key Points for Good Pictures

We are tired of saying it, and you must be tired of hearing it: images are essential to the success of your apartment. And this isn’t just empty words: pictures sell! We saw it in the results of our recent poll, and we keep seeing it every day. And that is why, even though it might be a bit of an effort to take new pictures of the apartment, we can guarantee the rewards are worth it. But before you jump head first into a full renewal of your picture gallery, make sure you take these 7 key points into account for best results: 1. Quantity We’re not asking for 50 pictures of the bathroom… but it’s imperative to have at least one picture of each room. Don’t hesitate to take photos from different angles, so the clients can get a feel for the room layout, and get them to picture themselves holidaying in the apartment.   2. Don’t Hide the Nicest Parts If the apartment has a terrace, it needs to be in the picture gallery. And of course, don’t hide the swimming pool, if there is one, or that wonderful hammock hanging in the garden. The small details are also important and they can get the traveler interested in our apartment. We obviously need to include pictures of the beds, kitchen and living room area, but giving them our own unique touch is bound to get our audience wanting to know more about such a special place. A vintage clock on the kitchen wall, or a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine on the bedroom...

How to Update Prices?

In our Extranet it is possible to update the prices of your property by season. Sometimes, depending on the time of year, prices should be modified and adapted to the demand in order to maximize your opportunity of reservations.  For these cases, our Extranet offers the possibility to apply direct values or seasons. What is the difference between direct values and seasons? Applying direct values is the easiest and simplest way to update prices. The general conditions (minimum stay, maximum stay) will remain unchanged and only the rates can be adjusted. The seasons, however, allow you to add general conditions such as minimum stay. If in a given period, in addition to changing the price, you would like to extend or lower the minimum stay, you must use the seasons. The seasons, furthermore, can be saved and applied as many times as needed at different times throughout the calendar year. How do I apply direct values? To apply direct values you must enter the calendar in the Extranet, select the dates that you wish to modify the price and click on the “Apply direct values” button to continue. After adding the necessary information, click on the bottom “Apply to the Apartment.”       How do I apply seasons? To apply a season, you must enter the calendar in the Extranet, select the dates you wish to modify and click the “Apply season” button to continue. You have two options: If you already have a season created: simply select the corresponding season in the list and it will apply for the dates you have selected. If you wish to...

Update your prices for New Year’s Eve!

Although we’re still in fun-in-the-sun mode, before we know it we’ll be singing Christmas carols and drinking eggnog! We wanted to give you a heads-up as we’re already receiving reservations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.   This is why it’s very important that you update your prices and seasons as soon as possible (after all, we’re all interested in getting the best price!). If you don’t update your prices and seasons now you might miss out on increasing the price, because if you receive a reservation now you will need to accept it. We have found in the past that owners often forget to update their prices at this time of year. Avoid disappointment and update them now, as well as the prices for 2016. It´s all up to...

Meet Your Account Manager: Andreas Kotronakis

It’s time to meet Andreas, our Greek Account Manager, responsible for hearing out and solving the requests of our property owners across Greece, Turkey, Croatia and the UK. Andreas meets everyday challenges with a dose of humor (he is known for his jokes at the office) and eagerness. But let’s zoom in a little on this Barcelona-based Greek: Name: Andreas Kotronakis Hometown: Crete, Greece. What would you recommend from your hometown: The Plaka Neighborhood, the New Acropolis Museum, and the Attica beaches, about a half hour away from the city center. The market you work for: Mainly the UK, Turkey, Greece and Croatia. Your favorite foreign city: Lisbon What you like best about your job: The chance to help owners/agencies improve their understanding of how we work at Only-apartments, so they can make the most of their collaboration with us. Your dream journey: To a remote faraway island, away from telephones and the internet! Your favorite food: Sushi. What could never be missing in your suitcase: Shampoo (this mane requires some maintenance)… and my mp3 player full of music. What you value most in an apartment when traveling: location, cleanliness and comfort....

Why publish your apartment with us?

1. Direct bookings You will not have to exchange unsuccessful emails with customers. You will only receive confirmed bookings. 2. Everything is free Uploading your property in Only-apartments will not cost you anything… ever. 3. Global visibility Our website is present in more than 20 languages and we have more than 2,000 affiliates. Your property will be visible from all over the world. 4. Exclusive support for property owners Our team of experts will assist you rapidly and in all variety of languages. We guarantee it. 5. We do not ask for exclusivity nor permanency Work with whoever you want. From our extranet you can even manage bookings from other agencies. 6. Professional: manage multiple properties If you have more than one property, manage them easily with us, using our Extranet. 7. The best management tool in the market Our extranet is modern, visual, practical, and intuitive. In a few minutes you can start receiving reservations. 8. Trust and transparency We have your back. Our system is secure: we never give your details until the reservation has been confirmed. 9. Experience We are experts in apartments since 2003. We know what we are doing. 10. You set the rules You decide everything: your prices, your seasons, your house rules. 11. Calendar synchronization We are connected with your calendar or your usual management tool. 12. Inmediate notifications You will receive notifications of your bookings on your mobile. Remember that an email from us is a confirmed booking....

High-quality Images and the Handover of Keys: Two Key Factors Highly Valued by Travelers When Renting an Apartment

  Today, we are going to answer all those questions here at Only-apartments. A survey conducted across the 5 main European markets (Spain, France, Italy, England, and Germany) has given us some insight into travelers’ trends. And although there are slight differences between countries, something stands out that seems to be common to all: What drives them to choose a certain apartment is the gallery of images. This is very logical, and comes as no surprise, as images are the best reference they can have short of visiting the apartment in person. The meeting with the owner is what ratifies whether they made the right choice- with travelers looking for a simple, pleasant and cordial exchange, and the handover of keys taking place at the appointed time. People don’t want any stressful situations or having to chase someone down when they are on holidays, and they are grateful when the whole process unfolds with ease and friendliness. These are just some of the conclusions we can draw from the results of our study. Have a look at the infographic below and analyze the answers, they’ll surely be worth your time. See infographic    ...

The Top 5 Mistakes Owners Make

Being a property owner is much more than owning an apartment and making it available to guests. There are many details to be taken care of, which we sometimes fail to address. We don’t need to be experts in the field but it helps to be aware of some basic guidelines so we don’t make certain mistakes that could potentially be fatal. Here are some of the mistakes we should avoid at all costs: Not compare ourselves with our competitors One of the first essential steps in any business venture is to know your competitors: what they offer, how they offer it, and for how much. It is always helpful to have a look at some of the apartments available in our same city, and try to be as competitive as possible, not just when it comes to quality but also to pricing. Low quality images arranged in no logical sequence We already knew this but our recent poll confirmed it: our image gallery is one of the main features in our apartment’s profile. This is undoubtedly, one of the main factors influencing the traveler’s decision to stay with us. And as such, it is worthwhile to invest some time and effort into getting high quality pictures that seduce the viewer. But that is not all, in this case, the order of the factors does alter the product, and so it doesn’t have quite the same effect to see a stunning living room or terrace, than to be confronted with an average toilet upon first glance. Our advice is to leave any pictures of the bathroom, and the more...

Meet Your Account Manager: Julian

Julian is our German Account Manager, who focuses on a vast market that includes Hungary, the Netherlands, and other Northern countries. His German nature leads him to organize his work responsibilities so that he can fulfill the many requests he receives from property owners with genuine interest and utmost dedication. Always attentive to the smallest of details, Julian specializes in finding the right solution for you at the best time. Name: Julian Hometown: Paderborn, Germany What can you recommend from your hometown: The Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, the world’s largest computer museum. The market you work for: Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian Countries. Your favorite foreign city: I don’t have a favorite because they all have a wealth of amazing places, interesting cultures, and mouthwatering food. What you like best about your job: The diversity of tasks. Your dream journey: with a campervan along Route 66. Your favorite food: It depends on the place- Maultaschen when in Stuttgart, pizza topped with mozzarella di bufala when in Naples, and Catalan cannelloni when in Barcelona. What could never be missing in your suitcase: A good book to kill time when traveling by plane/car/bus/or by sea. What you value most in an apartment when traveling: The kitchen, I just love cooking....


I want to publish my property in Only-apartments. What are the conditions?

Working with Only-apartments has no cost for the property owner. Our commission is always added to the price that you indicate for your property. Besides, you do not have to be exclusively working with our company: you will have a calendar where you will manage the availability of your property.

You must know that we do not work on request (by demand) and for this reason it is vital to always maintain the calendar updated, as reservations are direct reservations and you should accept them all: at the moment you start to advertise your property in Only-apartments you should maintain your calendar and prices updated and block any dates that are not available (if you use other calendars or Channel Manager, we provide the tools to synchronize the calendar you use to our calendar).

We normally receive reservations for short-term stays (days or weeks), rarely for a month, therefore it takes one person to take care of the check-ins and cleanings. We do not offer these services, but depending on the town perhaps we can refer you to another company or person to do so.

If you are interested in publishing your property in Only-apartments, please access the page for property owners and create a new account to be able to enlist your property. If you have any doubts about the conditions for cooperation, you can write us at property@only-apartments.com.

Do I have to accept all reservations of Only-apartments?

Yes. In Only-apartments we work with a system of direct bookings, with no requests. We do it like this because with the years of experience we have found it beneficial for the customer (who does not have to make a request to obtain a property) and the property owner (who avoids exchanging emails and knows that when he or she receives a reservation, it is confirmed). This way, we avoid frustrations on both sides.

This system is very beneficial for everyone. But we have noticed that the most important complaint from our customers comes precisely when they make a reservation that has been subsequently canceled by the property owner. A cancellation has a huge management and reputational cost.

In case you do not accept a reservation, you should take a look at our Overbookings Policy.

What happens if I do not accept a reservation?

As property owner in Only-apartments, you can’t cancel any reservations. In case you decided not to accept a reservation from Only-apartments, you should immediately get in contact with us sending an email at info@only-apartments.com or calling by telephone. In any case, you must not get in contact with the customer. These are the consequences of not accepting a reservation (also specified in ourOverbookings policy):

  • Once an owner advises us that they are not accepting the booking, Only-apartments will temporarily remove their apartment/s and will look for alternative accommodation for the client. The owner must pay 100 Euros to cover the cost of administration, by providing us with his or her card details.
  • If the owner helps Only-apartments to find alternative accommodation for the client and they accept it, the amount to pay will be 50 Euros only. However, if the client does not accept any of the alternatives suggested, the full 100 Euros will be payable by the owner, and Only-apartments will refund the reservation fee to the client
  • If the owner gets in touch with the client and not with Only-apartments, he or she will be in breach of this policy and will face a penalty of 100 Euros.
  • In any case, not accepting a reservation will result in the owners’ apartments being penalized in terms of their position in Only-apartments’ search results, whereas regularly updating the calendar will result in them being rewarded
  • When the owner has paid the corresponding fee, Only-apartments will publish their apartment once more

In the event of not accepting a reservation or cancelling a booking a second time, Only-apartmentsreserves the right to remove an apartment indefinitely and all those associated with the owner. If the reason for not accepting a reservation is due to major incident, and evidence is provided of this (building works, fire, etc.), Only-apartments will review the case carefully and the owner may be exempt from any penalty. Only-apartments reserves the right to terminate its association with an owner at any time, requiring in any case that any pending bookings are fulfilled.

I have a question on a reservation I have received. What do I do?

If you have any doubts on any reservations received, write us at info@only-apartments.com.

I need to modify the information of my property

You can modify the information, the conditions, or the status of your property directly from your extranet. If you need our help, you can write us at  property@only-apartments.com

What does the rent amount include?

The rent amount, in other words the total amount that the client needs to pay directly to the owner, needs to include the VAT, if applicable. This means that this tax cannot be charged separately should the client ask for an invoice.

In the event that there are other taxes or expenses that apply (e.g. the tourist tax or supplies), these must be specified in the conditions of the apartment. Otherwise, they cannot be charged to the client.