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The Venice Biennale – Venice’s International Film Festival

Ready for the Venice Biennale? The foremost international art exhibition is almost here. The year 1985 marked the inception of the Venice Biennale, which serves the purpose of promoting contemporary artistic endeavors and its new trends at a global level every two years. Although the event itself spans all artistic disciplines (art, architecture, film, dance, drama, music), we are going to focus on its film event, held annually. The Venice International Film Festival is an 11 day-long event held annually in Venice’s well-known Palazzo del Cinema, from Wednesday September 2nd to Saturday September 12th, 2015. The Venice International Film Festival One of the highlights of this event is, without a doubt, the amazing display of well-known faces and dazzling celebrities as they walk down the red carpet, making it the perfect opportunity for fans to get a close-up look of their idols. Just picture that Johnny Deep we are used to watching on screen, or in the role of that handsome Caribbean pirate parading right before our very eyes. I can still recall how starstruck I felt when I was lucky enough to see Richard Gere in the flesh as he walked down the red carpet during a previous edition of the Festival. He walked right over to shake my hand and say, “Hi, how’s it going?” And though I’d much rather have had the Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, it was rather memorable, nonetheless. Surely the reader can conjure up images of their favorite celebrity; someone they dream of meeting, and perhaps they will be present at this very edition of the International Film Festival. The Film Festival... read more

A Journey through Popular Songs about Places

The best keepsakes from our traveling are, without a doubt, the memories. And we are not referring to those typical souvenirs made in China, or those trendy sunglasses from Milan but to what stays in our mind. A walk with our beloved down the Parisian Champs Élysées, the taste of real Italian pizza in Rome, an exciting NBA game, or a camel ride through the dream-like Sahara desert: those are the things worth storing. Songs take us back to certain moments of sadness, happiness, excitement, anger and also to places we’ve visited with our friends, family or partner. What could be better than playing them in our car on our way to work to start the morning right, or on our way to a party? Here are some songs that may make you cry or smile… California Dreamin’ (The Mamas & The Papas) In 1965, an American band released one of the hits that put them on a par with other bands on the rise like The Beach Boys. It was a song about the longing Michelle Phillips, the band’s vocalist, felt for California. Its lyrics speak of gray skies on a winter’s day and the longing for the warm weather of the Southern US West Coast. A classic that still has faithful followers.     Budapest (George Ezra) Written a couple of years ago, this song became an international hit for its writer, Englishman George Ezra, who based his song on a planned trip to Budapest while sailing around Europe. In it he mentions a number of things he doesn’t own but would gladly give to a girl,... read more

A Walk through the Glamorous Amalfi Coast (Italy)

Looking for a sun and beach destination? Looking for a charming place to visit? Looking for full on Mediterranean flavor? Looking for something beyond beautiful scenery? Then it’s time to get acquainted with the Amalfi Coast. You’ll fall in love with it right away. Sea, sun, charming fishing villages, a rich history, cool stores, lemon orchards, turquoise waters… And all just a few kilometers to the South of Naples. The SS-163 is the name of the road stretching from one end of the Amalfi Coast to the other, tracing the outline of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its amazingly winding curves make this road to the South of Naples very popular with bikers looking for an adrenaline filled ride. Its 40 kilometers of tarmac cross the coastal towns of Salerno, Praiano, Positano, Amalfi, Atriani, Ravello, Minori, Maiori and Vietri. This post will stop at each of them to discover what the Amalfi Coast, aka the Divine Coast, has to offer.   The Ceramics of Vietri, Salerno: Without a doubt one of the 13 pearls of the Amalfi Coast. This Southern Italian town, located in the valley of the Bonea River is known worldwide for its polychrome pottery. And this is no exaggeration. Buyers from all corners of the world have been visiting this town since the 15th century to take home ceramic souvenirs. Today, this remains one of its main attractions.   Amalfi and its Lemon Trees: Amalfi is the land of lemons and limoncello, of course. You can’t leave this town without trying their delicious elixir of eternal youth. Located on a hill top, with narrow little streets and colorful... read more


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