10 things to do in Beijing (Part I)

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You may be planning a trip to the capital of China, for fun or for business. When you face such a giant country for the first time, it is good to have a guide of things you can do to get the most of your holidays. Here are our specific recommendations to help you design a great tour in the city. Are you ready?

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1. Shichahai lakes

Very close to the Forbidden City, you’ll find the Shichahai lakes, which are part of the gardens of the emperor. Here you’ll find three lakes: Houhai (on the back), Qianhai (in front) and Xihai (West). Strolling along the banks of these lakes will make you feel a wonderful an indescribable peace. Here you can even rent a boat to see the whole area of Beihai Park, located on the north of the Forbidden City. The whole Shichahain area is full of sites to drink and taste typical dishes.

2. Hutongs

The famous Hutongs are ancient and very narrow streets that are located in the old part of the city. Some of these Hutongs date back to the ancient dynasties such as the Ming or Yuan. The houses in these alleys have a very typical structure, but sadly many of them were demolished as a result of the Olympic games. We can find such constructions in Nanchizi neighborhoods. (Renting bikes is a very good idea).

3. Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

As soon as you are hungry, you should try something typical; and there is nothing better than eating duck in China. We can find a lot of fast food restaurants for tourists everywhere, but if you want to have a really nice meal, Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant is the place to go. It is located southeast Dongsi Shitiao Bridge. Here you’ll eat a really delicious duck: very healthy, low fat and crispy. There are also a huge variety of other elaborate dishes.

4. Panjiayuan Flea Market

If you want to shop in one of the world´s largest flea markets, you’ll have to wait for the weekend and head to Panjiayuan bazaar. There you can find absolutely everything, even things you don’t expect to see. It was previously known as the powder market, because farmers used to sell artifacts they found under the ground. Today we can still buy fine antiques here.

5. Reflexology

And if you´re already tired the bustle of the city, you should go for a very popular beauty and health treatment among the locals, the zone therapy or reflexology. You’ll find many of these salons around Beijing, but the most famous is definitely the Liangzi Foot Body Massage Centre. Reflexology is based on stimulating parts of your body to reflect relieve to others. This is still a pseudoscience.

I’m sure that now you have a better idea of how to explore Beijing and get the most of its cultural and gastronomy offers. If you found this tips useful, read the second part of this article “10 things to do in Beijing (Part II)”.


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