10 Things to do in Helsinki

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Are you looking for adventure in Scandinavia? Look no further! Helsinki is your destination. Today we’ve brought you a list of 10 hot activities to do in this cultural melting pot. Welcome to the gorgeous Helsinki:


The Senate Square

Located in the center of Helsinki, Senate Square is a magnificent example of neoclassical architecture. There we will find four buildings considered by many as architectural jewels: the National Library of Finland, Helsinki Cathedral, the main building of the University of Helsinki and the he Government Palace. Designed by the German architect Carl Ludvig Engel, the square shows a certain resemblance to the architecture of St. Petersburg. Right in the center of the square you´ll find the statue of Alexander II, a man of great historical importance in the country, because thanks to him, the Finnish became an official language. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the dome of the cathedral; apart from the beautiful panoramic view of the square, you will see the master sculptures of the 12 apostles at the top of this wonderful building.


Going to a Sauna is one of the most favorite activities for locals in Helsinki, so it is a must do in the city. Considered as the best places to clean body and mind, saunas, just a few years ago, were the places where women gave birth. In Finland there is one sauna for every three Finns and are very important sites for the local culture that even major businesses negotiations are dealt there.


The Aleksanterinkatu shopping street is the best place to shop in Helsinki. This street is famous, because apart from being the major shopping street of the city, during the winter months it has outdoor heating for the convenience of local and foreign shoppers.

Uspenski Cathedral

The Uspenski Cathedral is the largest Orthodox cathedral in central Europe. Located in the district Katajanokka, this church is decorated with 13 golden domes representing Jesus and his disciples. This is one of the most significant places of the city and represents a clear symbol of Russian influence.

The Islands

In Helsinki there are no rivers or lakes, but the city has access to the Baltic Sea through 100 km of coastline and 315 islands. Visiting the islands is a must when you are visiting in Helsinki.


In 1748 during the Swedish domination, the magnificent Suomenlinna fortress was built on 7 islands. Declared as a World Heritage Site, this beautiful fortress is one of the largest in the world and can be visited any time of the year.

The Sibelius Monument

The famous Sibelius Monument dedicated to the famous composer Jean Sibelius, consists of hundreds of steel tubes that simulate an outdoor organ. This sculpture by Eila Hiltunen, was intended to produce music with natural airflows.

Temppeliaukio Church

Built in 1969 and covered by a 24-meters dome, this church is a major tourist attraction for architecture lovers.

National Museum of Finland

Located in the city center, the Finnish National Museum shows permanent exhibitions that represent the country´s history from the prehistory to the twentieth century.

The Finnish Museum of Photography

Ruoholahti is the district that hosts the Finnish Museum of Photography, which displays the history of photography in the country since the 19th century to the present.

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