Côte d’Azur, the Mediterranean Paradise

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The Côte d´Azur is the name of the Mediterranean coast located in the southeast region of France, which is also known as the French Riviera. This French region is one of the most preferred coastal areas by travelers looking for a beach break, as well as being home to many international celebrities.


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Since the days of ancient Greece, travelers and traders have admired this beautiful area not only because of its beautiful landscapes, but also because of its unlimited source of light and colors. The Scottish writer Tobias Smollett, after his many travels around the coasts of the Mediterranean in Italy and France, was the person who revealed the existence of a piece of paradise, where the light was extremely intense and the sun shone more strongly than anywhere else on earth, known then as the French Riviera. European royals families, after getting to know about such place, blessed by the best climate in the world, decided to spend the long, cold winter season in Côte d´Azur.

The origin of the term Côte d´Azur comes from the book La Côte d’azur, released in 1887, which the famous French poet Liégeard Stéphen wrote by the Mediterranean waters of this coast. This way of calling this region became the most popular since then until today. Countless artists such as Claude Monet, Marc Chagall, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso fell in love with this coastal area because of its incomparable scenery, great weather and its colors and light that have been an important source of their inspiration.

All you knew about the French Riviera was that it is the location of the Cannes festival? Well, you see that it is much more than the host a famous film festival.

The French Riviera covers the area from Marseilles to the French border with Italy; area, which is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and which also, contains part of the Alps. It is full of small towns that combine the glamour of yachts, luxury cars and fashion with beautiful landscapes where time seems to stand still.

The region´s average temperature is 15 Celsius degrees, it rains very little and there are cities that have more than 300 days a year of beautiful sunny days, which makes the Riviera a perfect place for sunny holidays with family and friends, while enjoying not only of its long sandy beaches, but also of the various water sports available in the area.

Côte d´Azur’s cuisine is simply the best you can taste in the world, not only for its clear Mediterranean influence, but also because of the local flavors and spices added to its dishes; a culinary magic, hard to describe. If you love cooking and want to have a complete gastronomic experience, you must come to the many markets in the area where you’ll find the best fruits, vegetables and seafood, which in combination with a variety of spices will make your kitchen a place of true inspiration.

The nightlife, as expected in a coastal area, is extremely active and vibrant. Various bars and restaurants offer intimate and family environments to enjoy a night of relaxation and fun.

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