Pop art remains popular

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Can you imagine Leonardo Da Vinci visiting an exhibition of Pop Art? The evolution of art is really incredible. We have gone from singular works of art to consumer products and the uniqueness of the work to its reproduction in series. Art has always been an expression of what takes place in society. In the fifties, England and U.S was not the place where angelic figures and the like were revered, but rather a chaos of consumption, advertising, television, comics and fashion was the norm. Art has reinvented itself more than ever because the pop art movement is still highly appreciated by people today.


He was baptized as “Pop” in reference to the word ‘popular’. No need to have read the Bible to appreciate a silkscreen of Marilyn Monroe and Mickey Mouse. Art is not elitist, but it is on the street and even in the freezer….Today you can even make your own pop art-style face with these colors that characterize genius of kitsch, Andy Warhol.

Other artists who enjoyed fame within the pop art fraternity were Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns. Their favorite subjects were the icons of cinema, the pin-ups, the American flag, cartoon characters, drinks cans, soup cans and so on. These were amazing colours that are not painted, but printed with the use of machines. Art has since become a disposable product. Their value lies in that dimension ephemeral and of poor quality.

Did you know that Andy Warhol was an albino? That was one of the reasons he lived in his studio called The Factory with all the windows covered up so that the light did not bother him. The site became famous for its wild parties and being a nest of porn stars, drug addicts, drag queens, musicians, freethinkers and other bohemian eccentrics and amphetamine users. He began producing prints using the silkscreen method. His work became popular and controversial.

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