Things to do in Nice

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Perhaps not so many things have changed since the subversive, whimsical and beautifully evocative documentary film about the city by Jean Vigo in 1930. Like the movie, Nice has the amazing power to reconcile with images and moments of an old aspiration into a way of life.


1. Terraces

In few places we let ourselves be overcome by such a noble aspiration and pleasurable abandonment nicer than fabulous terraces under either its magnificent sun or enjoying delicious tea served in the shadow of the Auer Gormet of the imposing Opera House.

2. Music

The truth is that Nice has always had a strong musical will expressed with vibrant force in places like the massive Palais Nikaia or Chamber Acropolis, whose varied program of concerts rages from big  pop stars to cult dj’s and French hip hop artists.

3. Art

For recreational aspect of art, Nice also has an attractive offer in its own,  highlighting the  Jean Renoir Gallery, the Musée National Message Biblique Marc Chagall and perhaps primarily, the Musée Matisse, a true center of pilgrimage for fans of the work of one of the great giants of twentieth-century painting.

Without leaving the realm of the museum, we could also visit the extraordinary collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, which includes legendary masterpieces such as The Kiss,  by Auguste Rodin

Speaking of art, Chocolate in Nice acquires an unsuspected dimension in resorts like La Bulle d´Isis, among whose bid of over eighty different beauty treatments, relaxation and rejuvenation includes  the completely consistent body smearing  with a seductive blend of cream and melted chocolate.

4. Mysticism

After purifying our bodies in this way we may feel the urge to do the same with our soul by visiting some of the churches of the city, such as the beautiful style Russian Orthodox cathedral of St. Nicholas or the exquisite Baroque chapel of Mercy.


Despite such distinguished interiors going  to the beach and walking along the boardwalk is still probably the biggest attraction of Nice, after which it would be wrong not to refuel tasting one of the most beloved local dishes, the socca, a sort of chickpea  pancake  whose deliciousness reaches levels which are difficult to surpass  in places like Chez Pipo.

6. Wine
Something similar can be said of the famous local wines, for which we will turn to wine bars such as  La Part des Anges or La Cave de l´Origine.




Paul Oilzum Only-apartments AuthorPaul Oilzum

Finally, and also in connection with the origins, visiting the Museum of Human Paleontology is another highly recommended ¡things to do when you rent apartments in Nice .

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