Visit the Olympic Park in Beijing!

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The opportunity to host the Olympic Games is one of the highest honors you can receive being a particular country and a city. This is one of the largest and most anticipated events around the world and the changes that come to the cities that host can be colossal.


Photo: Edward and Caroline

When the Olympics end a sense of sadness and joy leave the city, but the good thing is that many of the remaining infrastructures built for the enjoyment of the public remain.

We can make such a great tour into  2008 Olympic Games to the city of Beijing.

The Bird´s Nest and the Water Cube located in the Olympic Park will be two of the main objectives of our visit.

How to get there

The best way to reach these two constructions is to take the subway. But Beijing is a huge city so it is useful to know exactly how to go. Best is to take line 10 to Beitucheng and then take line 8 to Olympic Green, this way we´ll be inside the Olympic Park, which is free.

Best time to visit

In the morning these buildings can be a bit uncomfortable and further summer heat can be terrible because there is very little shade. It´s best to visit the Olympic Park when the sun starts to set. We see the Water Cube with colored lights, a different color each day. The Bird´s Nest is well lit and it seems that a solar panel is responsible for storing energy in the morn that will serve to illuminate at night.

The buildings are enjoyed both on the outside and inside, the Bird´s Nest can be visited from 9:00 to 18:00 hours.

Preferably go see the buildings on a day other than holidays or on weekends because it is too crowded. In addition, better take some food and drink, public services are not very generous.

Every normal day thousands of people visit this place and weekends greatly increases the number. Every day about 5,000 people come into the Bird´s Nest and the Water Cube. The price charged on the tickets to enter the buildings is used to cover the costs of building maintenance. Gradually, these buildings are becoming huge shopping and entertainment centers, to continue to increase visits and provide service to the city, huge themed restaurant or ski circuit are some of the proposals submitted to the Bird´s Nest.

But do not forget that there are other interesting buildings to visit, such as the Beijing National Indoor Stadium, the tennis court or hockey rink.

Enjoy the magnificent Beijing Olympic Park, one of the many proposals offered by this wonderful city where you will find so much to see and so many activities to do that will have to choose what to spend your time on.




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