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5 Travel Apps that Will Make Your Stay Easier

Should we take off? Sure, but let’s first download our travel apps! These days, we are used to getting a number of travel apps on our Smartphones before traveling, for access to firsthand information about the city we are going to. It’s an easy way to travel; we feel more confident to move around, we know where to go, what sites to visit and where to eat when we find ourselves in a new place. And though part of the adventure of traveling is getting lost, it always comes in handy to have small guides to help us at given times.

Below, we’ll explore some of the many free applications to download when traveling.


First things first: packing up. If you are among those who can’t find the middle-ground between packing your entire wardrobe and forgetting the very basics down to your underwear, this app will save you having to compile packing lists in your head, as well as excess baggage charges.

pack point

Pack Point arranges packing lists for travelers based on their needs. This app helps you organize the contents of your luggage, taking into account certain parameters such as the duration of your trip, your plans or your destination.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to leave home with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are not forgetting anything.



Wikitude is a great guide: with just pointing your Smartphone towards any monument within sight, you get instant access to the information in its Wikipedia page. The closest thing to carrying a real travel guide.


Moreover, this is the first app to use augmented reality for Smartphones and it also provides cultural and tourist information, as well as special recommendations for shops and restaurants.



A full audio guide for cities and their museums. One simply has to choose a destination, for instance, London. We open the page of the city we are interested in to find all available audio guides. Are we looking for info on Covent Garden? If so, we select it, put on our headphones and listen! Easy enough, isn’t it?



With this app you’ll no longer have to ask your friends where to eat, or force them to remember the exact address of each place visited. Diana provides lists of the restaurants in your vicinity. You’ll be able to choose the type of food you love best.


Have you ever arrived in a new town on an empty stomach and without knowing where to head to? Would you like to have a romantic evening but don’t know any special restaurants? Diana helps you.



As we know, language can be a bit of a barrier when traveling abroad. We reach a new destination where they don’t speak our native language, and many of us feel a bit uncomfortable.


If you like Google Translate, you’ll love their mobile app. It translates it all: your voice, what you type in, and even the text in images. It can translate offline and into 90 different languages, providing problem-free translation as you travel. Moreover, you’ll be able to save everything so you can reuse the translations whenever you may need them again.



This is but a small sample of the huge offer of mobile resources at our fingertips nowadays. Traveling is only getting easier.