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4 Apps for Low Cost Traveling

Let’s be honest, how often have we had to give up on traveling due to budget constraints? Even if, at home, we try to factor in all possible expenses before traveling, it’s hard to picture every possible unforeseen expense we may incur in… But don’t worry! With these tips you’ll manage to avoid all superfluous expenses and make the most of your holiday. Today we want to recommend some free apps for your Android and iOS smartphones that will allow you to travel like true locals with all expenses under control at all times.

 Waze: Traveling in Your Car

If you decide to travel in your own car, Waze is the perfect app for you, no doubt about it. This app enables you to keep everything that may happen on the road under control: through interaction with other users you’ll be always up to date on current gas prices, speed radars, traffic, accidents, and a lot more information that will effectively allow you to save time and money.


 BlaBlaCar: Sharing Expenses

If, however, you’d rather leave your car at home but find the price of transportation outrageous, you may need someone to drive you from one point to another. The BlaBlaCar app is perfect in such instances: by entering your departure and destination cities, you’ll find users offering seats as long as you share the expenses. And if you’d rather travel in your own car, you can publish an ad and choose who may travel with from all those interested.


 Moovit: Everything about Public Transport

 If you want to live like a true local at your destination, and tour the city without spending much money, you’ll have to rely on public transport. Moovit will put that information at your fingertips in over 58 countries. It indicates departure and arrival points, and it suggests the easiest subway, bus and even bicycle-sharing routes. Among its functions there’s the possibility to save your favorite places, display the current route, and even receive real-time information about delays.


 Expensify: Expenses under Control

It‘s well known that it’s hard to keep track of all your daily expenses while traveling. If you are looking for an app that can help you track all your expenses, look no further than Expensify. This app allows you to enter the data manually, or by taking a picture of your sales receipt. In addition, you’ll be able to view all data in PDF format, and even create reports. This way you’ll always know how much you’ve spent, and more importantly, all you’ve saved with our tips


So, all ready to go? We’re sure that, armed with your mobile, you’ll find no more excuses to not embark on that trip you’ve been postponing for such a long time.

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