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Tips to Make Your Trip Low Cost

If traveling was free, they probably wouldn’t see much of you at. Unfortunately, trips tend to not be free but with these tips below, we’ll do our best to help save your wallet.

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1.Think Twice before Getting on a Plane

It might seem strange, but you can start saving on your trip well before reaching your destination if you make wise decisions about transportation. When we think of traveling, we immediately think of planes, by default. But there are alternate means of transport that, though not as fast, go easier on our budget. If you are not in a rush to get there, take the train. It’s more affordable and on top of that, you’ll have the benefit of unique views on the way there.

If you enjoy driving and your destination is relatively close, get in the car and get on the road. But keep your budget in mind! If you have empty seats in your car, consider carpooling:  take someone along to contribute to your gas expenses.

If your mind is still set on going by plane, don’t sleep on your laurels and book months in advance. Ticket prices tend to rise quickly, and you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Also consider choosing smaller destination airports. For instance, instead of buying a flight to Florence, book one to Pisa; or instead of flying to Barcelona, think of flying to Girona. Those tickets tend to be cheaper and your real destination will not be far.


2.You Are a Chef as Well

Think of the vast amounts of money you spend in restaurants when traveling. And in the meantime, your apartment’s kitchen is as lonely as it can be. Trade restaurants for markets and save a little every day by making your own delicious meals.

If cooking is not your forte, just change your culinary preferences: make the most of the street food available in your new destination. Not only will it be cheaper, it will also let you experience the most genuine local gastronomy.


3.Find Alternative Tours

If you are heading to a large city, there’s bound to be myriad agencies offering guided tours of all types. Some will even offer free tours where you decide whether to tip or not tip the guide at the end of the visit, giving you the chance to adapt the tipping amount to your traveling budget. Have a look at these free tours of Amsterdam and get inspired for your next trip.


4.Travel in Numbers

Obviously, you are not going to travel in a group just to save money. But, are there any destinations your friends and you always wanted to visit? If so, organize a group trip because that option is full of advantages. Apartments for several people tend to work out cheaper. Besides, there tend to be special group prices for most monuments, shows and cultural events, perfect for staying within your budget.


5.Your Smartphone Is Your Best Ally

There are thousands of apps to make traveling a bit easier. Among them, we’d like to highlight these four, which are the holy grail for any traveler on a shoestring. Make sure to take good note of the name Moovit because it’s one of our favorites. We are assuming you can’t (and wouldn’t want to) afford a taxi to drive you to each point of interest, so this app is for you. It gives you very useful information about public transport in countless destinations.


These tips are absolutely essential to minimize the impact that traveling can have on your wallet. If you think of any others, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments.