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A small change that will make your life easier: You won’t receive so many notifications anymore

In July 2013, Only-apartments eliminated the automated notification system for blocks, unblocks and booking changes that are introduced into your calendar.


Until now you received a notification email every time dates in your calendar where blocked, unblocked or changed. Our owners wanted that then and it made sense at the time. But times are changing: nowadays we receive dozens of emails on the daily and notifications, particularly those of everyday actions that are repetitive, just don’t make sense anymore.

We have received complaints from a lot of owners and we agree: so many automated messages in your inbox can be annoying and don’t help you in managing your calendar. On the contrary, they can cause unwanted confusion.

So starting now all information will be in one place. The calendar will gather up the data of all your bookings and you no longer have to look in your emails. You just have to log in on http://owners.only-apartments.com/owners/ with your username and password and manage everything from there.

Of course you will continue to receive important notifications, for example when you receive a booking, when a booking has been cancelled or when a guest leaves a comment on the page of your apartment.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you to keep your calendar and your rates updated to avoid overbookings and other types of misunderstandings.


Photo: Keith Ramsey, http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmgimages/