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Venice at its finest: The Acqua Alta Bookshop

Venice is much more than gondolas

The canals and the gondola rides are perhaps one of the most acclaimed attractions of this city. For a first contact, it´s a great plan to sail around the canals. However, on foot, there´s much more to discover. Every corner is a surprise and the city´s air smells of Renaissance, culture and music as well as canals when the weather gets hotter.

It´s not in plain view and you get there mostly by chance on a long walk or because someone knows about it and expressly goes there. The Acqua Alta bookshop is the most fascinating one in the city. From the outside, the impression is that it´s nothing special but once you´re inside, that perception changes completely. It´s a small treasure inside the even bigger treasure that is Venice. You´d need a whole day in that bookshop to check all the books out properly because, once you´re inside, the untidy chaos draws you in.


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Irresistible seduction…

You can spend hours and hours browsing in this peculiar bookshop. The owner is a charming and pleasant man who welcomes you to learn more about the place and its books. Any book that you want to buy, you´ll probably find it there, in the huge piles, inside bathtubs, gondolas or even a boat, all of which making up a staircase.

The books that you can find here are about Venice and a thousand other topics. Also, there are in many languages.

It´s a special place that when you think you´ve seen it all, the owner takes you to the second floor so you can see an amazing view of the canals from up there.

Acqua Alta can be found in the Castello district. Actually, these are the things that make Venice so magical and special.

For once, get lost…

Let yourself be taken away. Put the map away and look around you; everywhere you go, there´s something incredible to look at. Among those charms that the City of the Canals has, you cannot miss out on the following places:

Rialto Bridge

The oldest and most-visited in the city. You can other go underneath it with a gondola or over it by foot and enjoy the view.

St Mark´s Square

The only one considered a square in the city. It began to be built in the 9th century and it ended two centuries later. It´s strange to see it completely empty. Unmissable.

St Mark´s Campanile

The highest tower in the whole of Venice. Originally, it was a lighthouse for the boats and from up the top you can observe an amazing view of the city.

The Bridge of Sighs

Close to St Mark´s Square, this bridge has its name due to the prisoners that were off to jail, because the bridge accessed directly to it. As they walked over it, they sighed as they were about to lose their freedom, with no romanticism involved, as some may lead you to believe.

Venice is one of those cities that you have to visit at least once in your life, especially with the talk of it sinking one day. Make the most of it now that you still have time.