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Acqua Pazza Restaurant Venice

If you like eating in open air and enjoy excellent sunny days, one of the most beautiful places in Venice that you can go to it, undoubtedly, Acqua Pazza. Although, of course, this place also has a large dining room inside to enjoy its exquisite dishes that they prepare if the day has turned ugly.


Venice is a place to enjoy from the street, as you see its canals, see the people walk down its streets and enjoy the sun that usually floods the city. Acqua Pazza Restaurant is special and it has an ideal cuisine that you will be able to enjoy in the shape of excellent dishes, among which the pasta, seafood, fish and traditional Italian cuisine stand out. All of them are prepared with fresh ingredients that will allow the client to eat true delicacies.


All of this is accompanied by a beautiful and rustic decoration and located close to San Marco´s Square The dishes can be accompanied with the extensive wine list that come from the most exquisite cellars around the world. Without doubt, this is one of the places that you have to go to if you want to relax with your family, friends or partner.


If you want to get to know and eat in Acqua Pazza you can rent apartments in Venice and, also, see a unique city full of magic.