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Walk Inside Venice

Guided tours are an essential way of getting to know any city when you have little time, or when you´re with a group of people. At Walk Inside Venice they organize guided tours for all tastes, for small groups of up to ten people by foot and, sometimes, even taking a gondola to finish off the tour. On its webpage, decorated with some beautiful and gobsmacking photographs of the city, they have a map of it (in the image) which shows us the different points of the different routes that you can book.

The guided tours, together with the taxi-vaporettos (also mentioned in this guide), the apartments in Venice the flight tickets or the tickets for the palaces full of works of art from past centuries, can be comfortably booked online from home. You just have to choose the itinerary and the map will light up with the different landmarks on the route. The price is agreed beforehand, so you don´t have any unwelcome surprises at the last minute. Any comment on Walk Inside Venice or any other service in this guide, is welcome. Please use the comments box.