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Alessi Milan

Milan has been a preferred destination for shopping addicts for decades. Fashionistas from all over the world fill up its fashion boutiques to get hold of the latest from the international catwalks. But, this city in northern Italy, doesn´t just live off fashion (or off its cultural offer, its hectic nightlife or its many restaurants), but it also offers the sybarite traveller innumerable design labels of all types, especially home objects and complements. Alessi is one of these legendary labels that was born in the village of Omegna (Piemonnte)   and that, today, is available around the world. We invite the reader to check out its webpage, where they give good account of their thousands of sales points spread all over the world. But, the traveller who is staying in Milan, should not miss its central and first shop of this empire of complements. Here he can stock up with unimaginable kitchen utensils: from its well-known smiling corkscrews to its stylish teapots as well as never ending objects of all sorts that you will be able to try in your apartments in Milan or when you´re back home.