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Dovetusai Milan

That Milan is one of the neuralgic centres of avant-garde design is unquestionable. To its fashion workshops we can add a pleiad of creators of all types among which those that dedicate themselves to the different faces of interior design stand out considerably. With this baggage, cultural and business-like, in 1994, the by then young creators Fabio Cocchi and Luigi Rotta joined forces to open Dovetusai.


Today, the firm is a reference in the packed Milan creative scene. Here, the avid beauty traveller can find all sorts of objects to decorate his house and even to show an original and provisional touch, of course, in his apartments in Milan that he´s managed to book (remember that there are all types of them and for all tastes).


Stylized glass, fancy china, chandeliers, unsettling works of art marked in a surprising way, handmade objects, fans and a long etcetera that is shown in the display windows of the showroom at Dovetusai in Milan.


Whether you need to make a present or if you want to treat yourself deservedly, here you can find unique objects to take back home. And if once you´ve got back home and you remember having used one of the stores in this guide, take into account that we´re always interested in your opinion.