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Amaya Restaurant London

The reasons for visiting London are many. From visiting its wonderful museums full of history and unique works of art, to walking and seeing its monuments or enjoying its parks full of green. But there are also some restaurants which stand out in the city. If Indian cuisine is one of your favourites and you want a relaxed place to spend a lovely evening, one of the best places for it is Amaya.

Amaya not only the glamour and sensuality of the restaurants that are in India but it also has exquisite food. For this reason it has a Michelin star. It´s a bit more expensive than your average restaurant in the city but, at the same time, the quality of the food is excellent and tradition is respected fully.

It has a kitchen within view so the visitors can see how they prepare their orders.

If Indian cuisine is one of your favourites and you´re in the English city on a visit, Amaya is a must go place. The best thing you can do is rent apartments in London and not only enjoy the restaurant but also all of the attractions that the city has to offer.