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American Girl Place

American Girl Place is a shopping centre in New York dedicated exclusively to the little princesses in the family. The same way that there are shopping centres for men and women, there are also some dedicated to the youngest ones. This is the case of American Girl Place, the spot that girls choose to go shopping with their mums, go out to eat with their dads or celebrate a birthday with their friends.


Located on Fifth Avenue, this place is ideal to take any little girl to have a good time and feel like a princess for a day. If we´re on a family holiday, the youngest ones deserve to be treated too.


In this place we´ll find clothes, accessories, some novelties in the world of toys and games and, above all, a place thought exclusively for them, the princesses of the house.  But you can also organize events and programme “suppers with dad”. For that, you have to make reservations and then, everything will be organized. Not only do they organize birthdays (for example) but they also give us a cake and many surprises to enjoy with friends.


If you find yourself in the city, rented apartments in New york are with the family and you want the little ones in the family to have a good time, take them to American Girl Place.