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Aire Sur

Aire Sur is a very modern shopping centre in the city of Sevilla that with its modern architecture and it´s ceilings and walls made of glass invite the tourist to have an enjoyable day inside. All the family can visit the shopping centre and feel at ease that they all will be happy and will have fun inside.


There is a games room for the younger ones and one can buy the “children finder bracelets”. In the same shopping centre there´s a petrol station and a car wash, ideal for those people who don´t have much free time, because they can do various activities at the same time and therefore saving time.


This shopping centre never closes, not even on Spanish holidays, because it knows that the foreign visitors who are in the city will go there.


But the most interesting thing of the place is that it also has exhibition rooms where different events take place all year long. Theatre plays for kids on holiday, art exhibitions and other things. We also find promotions on its webpage with incredible discounts to buy something in the specialised shops and, also, frequently, there are draws for great prizes of the fashion and technological world.


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