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Myslbek Shopping Gallery

Myslbek Shopping Gallery is one of the many shopping centres in Prague. It´s located in the outskirts of the city centre and it´s a meeting point for young people and tourists.


In Myslbek Shopping Gallery we can find everything that we need to dress well: shoe shops, and designer, classic, formal, adolescent, children, women and men´s clothes shops. Also, perfume, make-up and accessories shops. That´s why, in this shopping centre in Prague we can find everything that we´re looking for.


If we´ve encountered a rainy day in the middle of our holiday or if we´re a bit tired of so much tourist touring in museums and monuments, we can spend an afternoon in this shopping centre where we´ll find a secure and welcoming place to be with your family, even with the younger ones.


There are also some restaurants inside the shopping centre so they can feel comfortable eating something in between shopping. Also, the best brands are represented there. You´ll love shopping in there.


Rent apartments in Prague and you´ll be close to this shopping centre and all the other tourist attractions in the city.