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Amsterdam Dance Event

Are you looking for an electronic music festival whose offering isn´t just extreme nocturnal events? Would you like to get to know the electronic music world a bit closer but from its cultural contents and its technical possibilities?


Then you can´t miss Amsterdam Dance Event, the festival which takes place every October in the Dutch capital which gathers thousands of people among amateurs and professions from all over the world. On one hand, the ADE (its acronym) proposes an exciting nocturnal party, bringing the best known DJs and also the best up and coming ones, but on the other hand, it shows strong compromise with everything which is considered as formative in this field, proposing a series of talks, conferences, workshops, technical demonstrations, discussion tables and much more.


In relation to the nocturnal party, there are more than 52 spots of the event spread all over the city. Actually, the ADE brings at least 130,000 visitors from all over the world every year, as well as 3,000 professionals of this field.


So, for one night or one day at least, we recommend that you leave your apartments in Amsterdam and come and enjoy this event dedicated to electronic music.