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Antique Theatro

Antique Theatro is a big superclub in the city of Sevilla which is famous because it houses the best parties of the city. Located next to the theatre with the same name, the Antique Theatro club takes its name to direct the night in Sevilla to the maximum rhythm of the music.


This club has various rooms, all acclimated in a different way and where you can listen to different types of music. This way the public can choose where they want to be and rotate along the night around the different musical styles.


Various performances took place in this club that offers the best facilities for this type of shows: it has a big stage with an amazing lighting and hydraulic system that improve the image of the singers, the DJs and the artists that perform.


The VIP room of Antique Theatro can be reserved in advance and it allows those interested in being calm and relaxed in an extensive and comfortable environment with all the services at their disposal, such as waiters, bars and other exclusive services. Enjoying the night in Sevilla in Antique Theatro is what every tourist wants,  because going from one side to another listening to different types of music one hears all the languages of the world dancing to the same music with the same joy.


If you want to enjoy and see what the nights in Sevilla are like, get Seville accommodation and go out and dance.