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App of the Month: Jetpac City Guides

It´s not really a travel guide, but rather the perfect complement. Jetpac City Guides is a new way of understanding travel. It offers endless plans containing thousands of photos uploaded via Instagram and an interactive platform. Get to know the destinations you’re interested in quickly, easily and up close. Traveling with this app is like having insurance. There´s nothing like a well-organized trip, so Jetpac also allow you to create itineraries, maps, points of interest and a travel budget.

Jetpac <b>City</b> Guide

Jetpac City Guides is a bit like a social network community, but with the addition of being able to view and share photos in real time. It’s always best to travel prepared with a basic knowledge of the destination. Of course, it’s a highly recommended app for discovering any city on foot. Things are constantly being added, so the service is even more complete and better.

With this app, it’s like you travel before, during and after the trip. Because everything is registered, you can always retrieve it and relive the good experiences. It’s ideal for locating the most iconic spots through Instagram.

The application, which is currently only available for Apple products, collects images of streets, plazas, restaurants, museums and shopping areas of a particular city. When you perform a specific search, the program combines small city guides with the recommendations of other travelers. Another option for travel is to use Jetpac City Guides’ delimiting fields. For example, you can search by sections such as wine lovers, music, business or students.

This visual and interactive travel guide offers information on some 5,000 cities. The one big drawback is that it’s not available for Androids.

If you want to keep track of your experiences, there are also other tools. For example, you can select the countries and cities that have already visited and even make a list of locations that you would like to visit. There are three options: “likes,” “been there” and one to indicate where you want to go. Jetpac City Guides goes beyond Instagram. It also explores and incorporates your personal pictures of your friends via Facebook in the places you have marked as favorites. And then you can access the ranking of the most visited destinations on the planet.

The ultimate goal of this application is to find information about the places we want to research and then let our friends and acquaintances know about it. There’s no longer a need to see the full photo album from last summer or watch non-stop video. Now by keeping an eye on their profiles, you can see what your friends have experienced.